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Sep 30, 2012 5:05am EDT
, -- america should stop acting as the world's policeman. i do believe in a strong national defense, but the optimum board is defense, not offense. we do not have the mour money cy spent here at home. >> todd akin. >> it is important to have a foreign policy to start with. you have to have some basic principles, the guidelines. that needs to an acute -- includingraq, afghanist, a whole lot of other countries as well. the problem is we have not had that. what it seems like the vacillating policies we have almost punished our friends and helped o enemies. we decided to turn our backs on two of our allies, the czech republic and poland. we had plans to build missile defense. we gave that is a concession to russia. how much has russia helped us with iran? how much has russia helped us with the situation in afghanistan? giving special attention to chavez and turning our back on netanyahu when he wanted to meet with the president, the sending of mixed signals is very destructive to foreign policy. in the case of egypt, for instance, we talked a little bit about that in a press release. th
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am EDT
established or in the 2011 decisions. the salmon be true of four non convenience or any other defenses. -- the same would be true for or any atonveniens the other cases. the court should not accept the categorical position asserted by either of the respondents, which are the broadest categorical positions even rejected by the government, or the government's modify categorical position. those kind of issues can be dealt with and well established doctrine's where lower courts have a body of jurisprudence but they can use to do this. the alien tort statute as was applied to human rights cases is part of a trend in the world today. the trend of the turn of the world today is towards universal justice for people that -- and corporations that violate this kind of norms. that is the trend. the united states has been the leader of the inter that. our government has proclaimed our leadership position to you and bodies and around the world. >> the united kingdom and the netherlands did not think so. >> well, the united kingdom and the netherlands have obviously asserted this position. 21 days af
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2